Example of items covered with a lot of extended warranties.

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• Engine block
• Cylinder head
• Rotor housing
• Oil pan
• Valve cover
• Timing cover
• All internally lubricated parts
contained within the engine
• Oil pump
• Timing chain, gears, and tensioners
• Timing belt and tensioners
• Balance belt
• Variable valve camshaft adjuster
• Intake and exhaust manifolds
• Harmonic balancer
• Engine mounts
• Water pump
• Flywheel
• Flexplate
Transmission, transaxle,
and transfer case
(Automatic and standard)
• Case housings
• Housing covers and pans
• All internally lubricated parts
contained within the housings
• Torque converter
• Viscous coupling
• Vacuum modulator
• Transmission mounts
• Transfer case shift/encoder motor
• Range position sensor/switch
Drive axle
(Includes transaxle
and 4WD vehicles)
• Front and rear drive axle housings
and covers
• All internally lubricated parts
contained within drive axle housings
• Axle shafts
• Constant velocity joints and boots
• Driveshafts
• Universal joints
• Flex discs
• Driveshaft center support bearing
• Driveshaft yokes
• 4WD engagement actuators
and motors
• 4WD manual locking hubs
Front and rear suspension
• Upper and lower control arms
• Upper and lower ball joints
• Wheel hub and wheel bearings
• Shafts and bushings on upper and
lower control arms
• Bushings and links on control arm
thrust rods
• Ball joints
• Steering knuckles and spindles
• Stabilizer bar, bushings, and links
• Coil springs
• Leaf springs, shackles,
and bushings
• Torsion bars
• MacPherson struts
• Electronically controlled variable
suspension struts and switches
• Air suspension bags or springs and
• Steering gear
• Rack and pinion housings and all
internally lubricated parts contained
within the housings
• Power cylinder assembly
• Power steering pump, its reservoir,
pulley, and mounting bracket
• Steering column shaft, its couplings,
and bearing
• Tie rod ends
• Pitman arm
• Idler arm and other
steering linkages
• Electric steering assist motor
• Intermediate shift
• Metal lines
• Master cylinder
• Vacuum or hydro booster
• Wheel cylinders
• Calipers
• Equalizer and distributing valves
• Antilock Brake System (ABS)
electronic control unit, wheel speed
sensors, proportioning control
valves, and exciters
• High-pressure hydraulic pump
• Radiator
• Electric cooling fan motor
and its relay
• Fan clutch
• Fan shroud
• Radiator brackets
• Thermostat
• Fan blades
• Coolant recovery tank
• Fuel injectors
• Fuel pump
• All turbocharger or supercharger
internal parts and housings
• Fuel sender assembly
• Waste gate
• Intercooler
• Supercharger pulley
• Fuel pressure regulator
• Fuel tank
• Carburetor
• Throttle body
• Throttle cable and linkage
• Accelerator pedal assembly
• Starter motor
• Starter solenoid
• Alternator and its mounting bracket
• Voltage regulator
• Wiper motor switch
• Headlamp switch
• Turn signal switch
• Windshield wiper switches
• Power seat motors and relays
• Power window motors and relays
• Electric door lock actuators
• Window washer fluid pumps
• All manually operated switches
• Wiring harnesses
• Oil pressure sending unit
Seals and gaskets
• For all covered parts
Interior climate and comfort
• Air conditioning compressor and
its mounting bracket
• Compressor clutch and pulley
• Accumulator
• Receiver dryer
• Evaporator
• Condenser
• Idler pulleys and bearings
• Serpentine belt tensioner
• Expansion valve
• Orifice tube
• AC pressure switches
• Blower motor and fan
• Heater core
• Heater control valve
• Control cables
• Ducts
• Plenum doors
• Blower motor resistor
• Condenser cooling fan motor
• Manual climate control head
• Metal lines
• Heated seat grids
• Horn and horn relay
• Rear window defogger/defroster
• Memory seat and memory steering
wheel motors, switches, activators,
sensors, and control module
Body hardware
• Bumper impact absorbers
• Hood and trunk latches and cables
• Hood and trunk hinges, springs,
or torsion bars
• Hood and trunk hydraulic
lift supports
• Door hinges
• Door handles
• Glove box lock assembly
• Ignition lock assembly
• Manual seat track assembly
• Door jamb switches
Power tech and electronics
• Manual and power window
• Power antenna motor and mast
• Power trunk or tailgate actuator
and motor
• Power headlight door motors
and actuators
• Factory-installed power
sunroof motor
• Convertible top lift motor
• Power seat track assembly
• Power mirror motors
• Cruise control assembly
• Speedometer
• Odometer
• Fuel gauge
• Tachometer
• Volt and amp gauge
• Temperature gauge
• Trip computer control module
and display
• Transmission and transfer case
control modules
• Ignition control modules
• Fuel injection control modules
• Fuel injection sensors
• Electronic air conditioning control
head and module
• Factory keyless entry transmitter
and receiver
• Factory-installed anti-theft devices
Hybrid electric vehicle
• Power inverter assembly
• Drive motor assembly
• Generator assembly
• Hybrid cooling system blower
motors and pumps
• Hybrid system stator and rotor
• All hybrid system control units and
Utility package
• Step bumpers and
mounting brackets
• Spare tire carrier or swing
arm, latch, and lock
• Swing away mirror
• Bed liner
• Tailgate handles, locks,
hinges, latches, and cables
• Tool storage boxes
• Interior storage racks
• Skid plates
• Tow and cargo tie-down hooks
• Power winch motor, its controller
and wire harness
• Power winch roller
• Brush and headlight guards
• Trailer hitch receiver, insert,
and plug receptacle
• Auxiliary fuel tank and switch
over valve
Enhanced electronics
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
or other navigational/motorist
assistance system
• Heads up display (HUD) projector
and display module
• Factory-installed radio, amplifier,
tape player, dash-mounted CD
player, and DVD player
• Dash-mounted graphic equalizer
• Engine control modules
and sensors
• Ignition coils
• Ignition distributor
• Idle Air Control (IAC) motor
• Electronic suspension control
module and its sensors