Dodge Maintenance

Following your Dodge maintenance schedule is important to keep on your vehicle on the road for many years and thousands of miles.

6,000 Mile Service

The 6,000 mile required service is the lifeblood of your Dodge vehicle. At each 6,000 mile or six month interval, the engine oil and filter are changed and the tires rotated. In addition to these services, the air filter is inspected and the chassis components lubricated. Brake pads and discs are checked for wear, and necessary repairs are made if necessary. All fluid levels are checked and adjusted as needed. If there are leaks, they are repaired as a separate charge.

15,000 Mile Service

The 15,000 mile service builds on the inspections required at 6,000 mile intervals. In addition to the services completed in the 6,000 mile service, the 15,000 service includes an inspection of the transmission fluid, transfer case oil and rear end lubrication. Levels are adjusted and leaks from main seals are repaired as needed.

30,000 Mile Service

The 30,000 mile service is the most comprehensive and the most expensive service interval on your Dodge vehicle. While it may be tempting to have the service completed elsewhere, the dealership is your best choice for this service, especially if you vehicle is under warranty. The dealership may discover some service bulletins or items that are worn and ultimately repaired under warranty. The 30,000 mile service will also include an inspection report that is provided to you. This will allow you to prioritize future maintenance requirements on your Dodge.  

*Courtesy of Carsdirect