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* 100% replacement of early-style cylinder head valve seats with copper-infiltrated seats
and NEW nitrided valves for improved heat dissipation and reduced wear, preventing
engine misfire (dropped valve seats and valve guide wear). Valve guides are air-gauge
tested to verify proper clearance between the valve and guide.
* 100% installation of NEW high-strength, Class 12.9 rod bolts to prevent stretching, which
can lead to rod bearing failure.
- JASPERĀ® engineered pistons include a graphite coated skirt and 28% more major thrust
bearing area to help prevent dry startup and piston scuffing.
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engines with improved parts such as nitrided
valves. copper-Infiltrated valve seats, and
JASPER designed pistons with robust rings
for increased durability.
JASPER lOO': replaces the early-style cylinder
head valve seats with copper-infiltrated seats
to improve heat dissipation and reduce wear.

JASPER provides 100^ installation of a
NEW engine oil cooler and includes: oil
temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor,
knock sensor and adapter harness.

JASPER Engines undergo Live-Run Testing
using state-of-the-art Data Acquisition to
check compression, vacuum and oil pressure
with other assessments to ensure reliability.
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JASPER engineered pistons include a smooth, fully-machined, anodized
crown which provides a thermal barrier and reduces carbon buildup.
jasper's Chrysler 3.6L piston design includes additional oil return
holes (12 total) to increase oil drainback, to reduce oil consumption lU
and prevent the oil rings from sticking.
JASPER installs a robust two-piece 2.0mm oil ring for improved oil control.
JASPER uses a steel top ring which includes a PVD and DLC coating for
longevity and less friction.
An accumulator groove is machined into the piston, decreasing the pressure
between the 1st and 2nd ring land, preventing the upper (compression) ring
from unsealing at higher RPMs.
100% installation of synthetic, rubber-based PIPE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
valve stem seals to help prevent oil consumption.
100%' torque-plate honing of the engine block, utilizing a torque plate and
specially-designed ARP2000' bolts, providing cylinder wall geometry that
matches the cylinder head as a complete running assembly, for improved
ring sealing.
JASPER designed pistons have 20%' more pin bearing surface area than
the original design to improve stability and prevent piston slap.
Thicker. PIPE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated Multi-Layer Steel head
gaskets are installed, with new head bolts, along with better block and ^
head surface finishes (50-150 Rz), to prevent leaks and maintain the H
correct compression ratio.
100%' installation of NEW engine oil cooler, and for ease of installation,
assembly includes: oil temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, knock
sensor and adapter harness.
100% installation of a remanufactured oil pump that has been tested on
state-of-the-art, JASPER designed, stand-alone oil pump testing equipment.
Oil pressure and flow are measured with the solenoid on and off.
Live-Run Testing. utilizing Data Acquisition with other assessments to
ensure reliability of compression, vacuum, oil pressure, actuator testing and
black light leak testing.
3 Year /100,00n Mile
Transferable Warranty
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