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Turbochargers, also known as turbos, are devices that increase the power output of an internal combustion engine by forcing more air into the combustion chamber. This is done by using the exhaust gases from the engine to spin a turbine, which in turn spins a compressor that forces more air into the engine.

Orr Automotive Auto and Truck Repair Service and Maintenance

Orr Automotive Auto and truck Repair Service and Maintenance
Only when most people have been in a major accident or broken down they look for a Orr Automotive Auto Repair Service. This can be costly and it’s difficult to find out the reputation of a company when you don’t have a chance to check their background before your car is disabled. Becoming familiar with a reputable Auto Repair Service will help you build trust that will save you time and frustration when you have an emergency.
Orr Automotive Auto Repair Service: Towing


This is just a basic guide subject to catalog verification please reference manual at all times.
Most popular applications of timing kits.

List of interference (bends engine valves) vs. non-interference engines.


• 1.8L 1.9L Interference
• 2.8L V6 90 100 Quattro A4 A6 Interference


• 2.5L 325I 525I Interference
• 4.0L 740I Interference


• All except SLX Interference
• SLX Non Interference




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