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Battery in stock for these vehicles size H6 MTP48-H6 $149.99*

Battery in stock for these vehicles size H6 MTP48-H6 $149.99 *show blog for pricing does not include install. Thank you!


2016 3.5L V6 1 per Vehicle



1989 2.3L L5 VIN:B,C 1 per Vehicle


1989 2.2L L5 VIN:C 1 per Vehicle


1982 2.2L L5 VIN:B 1 per Vehicle

1983 1.7L L4 VIN:A 1 per Vehicle

1983 2.2L L5 VIN:B 1 per Vehicle

Electrical System The electrical system provides power to electrical accessories in the car. The alternator converts mechanical power from the engine to electrical power. Most non-hybrid vehicles use a closed circuit electric system that operates on 12 volts DC. The charging system includes the alternator, voltage regulator, and connected wiring. Its purpose is to keep the battery charged while the vehicle is being operated. The alternator is driven by the accessory drive belt system; as the belt turns.

Some features of newer cars and the technology.

Make & Model
Acura ILX
Acura MOXTech
Acura RLX Tech
Acura TLX 2.4L
Acura TLX
Fuel economy.
Fuel economy, fit and finish,
easy third-row access, rear
seat, standard electronic
safety features, headlights.
Acceleration, access, frontseat
Spacious and plush interior,
seat comfort, braking.
Powertrain, fuel economy,
Acceleration, fuel economy,
Alfa Romeo Giulia Have not evaluated yet.
Audi A3

Modern Automotive Repair and Technology

33 on board computer control modules. Wanted to show this because most are in disbelief as to this fact of technology on our vehicles that now require repair. Most will not set a light however you will have they have background failures. Welcome to modern day Automotive repair. A lot of people can buy a small cheaper scanner however usually it doesn't touch the dealers licensed software including that on the engine failure codes. Main thing is I would not put off any brake warning lamps abs or airbag lamps.

Screenshot of Automotive repair diagnostics.

Example of items covered with a lot of extended warranties.

• Engine block
• Cylinder head
• Rotor housing
• Oil pan
• Valve cover
• Timing cover
• All internally lubricated parts
contained within the engine
• Oil pump
• Timing chain, gears, and tensioners
• Timing belt and tensioners
• Balance belt
• Variable valve camshaft adjuster
• Intake and exhaust manifolds
• Harmonic balancer
• Engine mounts
• Water pump
• Flywheel
• Flexplate
Transmission, transaxle,
and transfer case
(Automatic and standard)

Road trip plans!

In our new and exclusive ratings, you'l l find Road-Trip-Worthy Scores for the best SUVs,
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great food, bonding with friends, and
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Ford Stops Selling Cars Posted by the headquarters.

This will be interesting with gas pices getting harder. Ford Stops Selling Cars

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The company that first successfully mass-marketed cars will soon no longer be selling any. Well, not many.

Other than the Mustang and maybe a version of the Focus, the only “cars” Ford will be selling in the future will be jacked-up cars and a few real SUVs — the ones based on trucks, like the F-150-based Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.

GM 6L80/90E

Early-style stator support shaft is modified for 100% installation of updated
1-2-3-4 and 3-5/reverse seal rings to prevent seal leakage, harsh/delayed shifts
and burnt clutches.
100% installation of an updated notched valve body spacer plate gasket on the
early-style GM 6L80/90E provides better oiling to the solenoid, which prevents
a DTC P0751 code (due to lack of oil to the solenoid).
8Q0-827-7455 •jasper Engines.cam
TheTEHCM for the GM 6L80/90E is 100%
tested with JASPER-destgned test equip

Please help us to find out where you are in maintenance cycles!

About 80% of the vehicles on MONTCLAIR roads today are behind on their preventive maintenance schedules. That translates to about 160 million vehicles in the United States that aren't performing as well as they could be - thousands right here in CA. Some of the maintenance issues are minor. Others represent serious safety concerns.

There are many reasons MONTCLAIR drivers neglect their routine car care. Some of the more common ones are complacency, lack of confidence, lack of trust and budget issues.