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Finding a new mechanic can be tough!


Finding a  new mechanic is like finding a spouse; it can be a real challenge. If you move to a new town, buy a new car, or maybe your mechanic retires, finding a new mechanic can be tough. Here are a tips to help you find a new mechanic.

Ask your friends
This can be a good start. If a trusted friend trusts their mechanic, give them a shot. Ask them why they feel comfortable with their mechanic. The more you know the better prepared you will be. Most people will not recommend a mechanic or a business unless they are 100% sure they are worth the recommendation. Be sure to let the mechanic know who referred you when you visit the shop.

Search the Internet
Sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, and forums “CAN” be a good resource. If a site has the ability to review the company, take the review for what it is - one person's opinion about their experience. Is the shop really good/bad

  • What was the issue? Was someone mad they had to spend money, or did they get bad service?
  • Did an employee do the review? (it happens)
  • Was it a review on a specific mechanic?
  • Sometimes people are unhappy with the cost of a repair which can lead to a bad review.

Every shop has some techs that are better than others. But even great techs have bad days. All I am stressing here is take reviews for what they are. If a shop answers their reviews on it usually means they are a reliable reputable shop that cares about their customers.