GM 6L80/90E

Early-style stator support shaft is modified for 100% installation of updated
1-2-3-4 and 3-5/reverse seal rings to prevent seal leakage, harsh/delayed shifts
and burnt clutches.
100% installation of an updated notched valve body spacer plate gasket on the
early-style GM 6L80/90E provides better oiling to the solenoid, which prevents
a DTC P0751 code (due to lack of oil to the solenoid).
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TheTEHCM for the GM 6L80/90E is 100%
tested with JASPER-destgned test equip
ment to verify communication between the
computer and all internal inputs including:
transmission fluid pressure switches, tem
perature sensor, speed sensors, internal
mode switch and solenoids.
JASPER offers upgrades to the early-style
GM 6L80/90E transmission such as a
modified stator support shaft widi updated
1-2-3-4 and 3-5/reverse seal rings, a
notched valve body spacer plate gasket
and X-pattern low/reverse lined clutch
Every JASPER Transmission undergoes
dynamometer testing to ensure proper gear
ratios, line pressure, cooler pressure and
flow, and noise. The TCM, on the GM 6L80/
90E, is validated using a state-of-the-art
CAN software package.
100% NEW spun-woven carbon converter lining is
installed to ensure better apply feel and to eliminate
shudder due to flaking/separation.
•Updated-design X-pattern low/reverse lined clutch
plates are installed to eliminate shudder on apply.
The TEHCM (transmission electronic hydraulic
control module) is 100% tested using air and electronics
to verify proper operation of the internal mode switch,
transmission fluid pressure switches, temperature
sensor, speed sensors and solenoids.
100% dynamometer tested for proper gear ratios, line
pressure, cooler pressure and flow, and noise. TCM
(transmission control module) is validated using stateof-
the-art CAN (controller area network) software.
JASPER offers free rental of a J2534 pass-through
device, with transmission purchase, to assist in the
reprogramming of the TEHCM and ECM (engine
control module) to ensure the latest OEM calibration
is installed in the vehicle. J2534 reprogramming will
require a subscription fee charged by General Motors.
JASPER Customers may also purchase the Drew
Technologies CarDAQ-M reprogrammer at a
discounted price and can use available Co-op funds
for up to 50% of the reprogrammer's cost.
CarDAQ is the industry standard
Excellent J2534 Reprogramming Support
Unmatched Technical Support
3 Year / 10D,ODa Mile IVationwide
Transferable Warranty