Modern Automotive Repair and Technology

Screenshot of Automotive repair diagnostics.

33 on board computer control modules. Wanted to show this because most are in disbelief as to this fact of technology on our vehicles that now require repair. Most will not set a light however you will have they have background failures. Welcome to modern day Automotive repair. A lot of people can buy a small cheaper scanner however usually it doesn't touch the dealers licensed software including that on the engine failure codes. Main thing is I would not put off any brake warning lamps abs or airbag lamps. In your owner's manual if you are check engine light or service engine soon is on it usually states that if flashing get service immediately do to catalytic converter or Catalyst damage. This can cost a lot more money in the long run like most things to do when you keep driving on a broken car unfortunately. #automotiverepair #AutoRepair #AAA #AAAmechanic #brakerepair #brakes #CarMaxextendedwarranty