Road trip plans!

In our new and exclusive ratings, you'l l find Road-Trip-Worthy Scores for the best SUVs,
trucks, and cars for any vacation or journey. Plus, follow our strategies for how to prep
and pack, how to pay less for gas, and how to keep everyone healthy, safe, and sane.
by Mikemonticello cr consumer reports
to hitting the open road with loved
ones onboard, carrying high hopes
for ajourney rich with vivid sights.
great food, bonding with friends, and
hiking, fishing, or sightseeing. In fact,
nearly two-thirds of American families
planning to travel this year- more than
56 million individuals- are expected
to take a road trip, according to the
American Automobile Association.
Choosing the perfect vehicle for
this adventure is perhaps your most
important decision, which is why
Consumer Reports has dug into our
proprietary vehicle testing data and
reliability and satisfaction surveys to craft
our first-ever Road-Trip-Worthy Score for
50 vehicles across six categories. We
factored in safety, comfort, fuel efficiency,
and more. (See ratings on page 40.)
No two road trips are the same. For
some. it's a couple of hours to a cozy
bed and breakfast. For others, it's a
multiday cross-country trek to visit
grandparents. For the omdoorsy. it
could involve camping. "Theme parks.
beaches. and state or national parks are
consistently some of the most popular
road-trip destinations," says Julie Hall,
public relations manager at AAA.
That's why our list of vehicles includes
everything from sedans to trucks.
Lisa Seethaler, a 51-year-old mother
JULY 2016
oftwo from Marlborough, Conn., is a
fan of this vacation approach. "Road
trips are the best way to soak up local
culture, flavors. scenery, architecture,
and nature," she says. "My Toyota Sienna
minivan isn't glamorous. but it has a
sunroof, great storage, and comfortable
seats. The kids are happy in the backseat
with a DVD player, and we often have our
little dog in the third row."
No matter what your destination,
smart planning can increase your
odds of avoiding mishaps, saving
money, and arriving home with happy
memories. In this package. we've
thought of everything you'll need
to make that happen.
~ 1 Dyna-Glo DGNS76DNG-O 1:1 $205
2 Kingsfo rd BC222 ij $100
3 Expe rt Grill 24- XG1709603411 U $90 , Char-B roil 16302044 ij $130
5 Char-Griller Pro Deluxe 2828 $100
6 Royal Gourmet CD1824A iN $150
7 Nexgrill 810-0025 $90
8 KitchenAid 810-0021 $200
~ Weber 22 " 14402001 I! $150
2 Weber 18" 441001 $80
3 Char-Broil Kettleman 16301878 $100
HOW WE TEST; Overall Score combines
results from our tests for convenience,
cleaning, indirect cooking, and
evenness performance. Convenience
refers to ease of use, including adding
and arranging briquettes. Cleaning
indicates how easy it is to clean the
grill, remove spent charcoal, and
Which is better: Lump or briquette?